Top 6 Email Automation Services

You will learn the importance of email follow-up and tools and services that are used for email automation.

I do blogging for more than a year still I did not build my email list. Yes, it is absolutely true. I did not collect any information from my visitors to make future communication with my audience.

It was the best biggest mistake of my blogging career.

All successful bloggers insist their student build an Email list from day 1 of blogging not when you get thousand visitors per day. You should start building your list from Day One.

Install WordPress plugins to collect email from your audience (example: Email Subscribers & Newsletters) so that you can email them for promotions, offers, and newsletter.

Emails are still a fantastic form of medium to communicate even you have social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat exists. Email still works great when comes to communication.

There could be plenty of ways you can connect with your audience. A podcast, YouTube Channel, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email, anything.

You have to find the best and reliable communication medium to make interaction with your audience.

As per statistics by Statista, It is forecasted that 2.9 billion people will use Email by 2019, Huge is it?.

Email marketing plays a very important role in building an effective business online or offline. Emails are the best way to make interactions.

Email marketing works fantastic for your digital marketing because people used to have the habit of checking their email inbox at least once in a day. As long as you provide values to your audience through email. You can win the heart of your audience and it will certainly improve your business.

The key idea of email subscription and email automation:

  1. Get your visitor’s email and basic details(first name, last name)
  2. Send welcome and follow-up messages
  3. Send promotions and offers to your audience
  4. Send newsletter and free pdf for download
  5. Send informative and educational contents to your audience
  6. Ask your audience to try your product or service
  7. Sell them your product( it can be a digital or physical product)
  8. Delight your audience and pitch for more product and service offers and repeat

Is this process looks a lot of work?. Yes, it is a hell lot of work if you don’t use tools and services. If you want to delight your audience you should find best service in the industry that can help you in contact with your audience effectively.

Email automation services will let you automate most of your communication with your customer/audience from a welcome message, follow up messages to thank you message for purchasing your product.

The Core concept of email marketing:

When a subscriber joins your contact list. If your system automatically sends them serious of well-timed useful email that could help your subscriber.  they will become your loyal customer.

You can find several options on the internet for email automation, but you should identify the best one that suits your business need and your spending on email marketing campaign. It is easy to find one. no worries.

Almost all the email marketing service providers provide email workflow or email automation that can send serious email to your contact list.

The good part of these email marketing service is almost all of them give a free trial, so you always have the option to try out and then pay for it monthly/annual packages.

Some of the key points you should consider before you choose an email automation service.

  1. Free trial – will you get a free trial?
  2. Pricing – Check the pricing model.
  3. Templates – Free templates
  4. Workflows -Email automation
  5. Integration – can you able to integrate with WordPress plugins, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Top Email automation software for your small business.

  1. MailChimp
  2. Aweber
  3. Drip
  4. Constant contact
  5. Convert kit
  6. Active campaign


MailChimp is an awesome email marketing automation platform for small and medium-size business. It can do lot more than any man can do for your business. MailChimp can help you send email messages such as welcome email, thank you email, follow up emails, personalized recommendation and much more.

Key features of MailChimp:

  1. List building  – Create a list and segmentize your contact list
  2. A simple design-builder will help you build your own template for your brand or business.
  3. Landing pages and automation with MailChimp

What are the main advantages of using MailChimp?

  1. Turn visitors into customers
  2. Recover abandoned carts
  3. Follow up on a purchase
  4. Personalize recommendations to your customer.

Check out MailChimp learning center for information


  1. Free – New business (12,000 Mails/Month)
  2. $10 – Growing business (Unlimited Mails/ Month – 0 to 500 subscribers)
  3. $199 – Pro Marketer

Check out MailChimp pricing page for latest and updated plans


Aweber is another email marketing and automation service that helps your business to grow and engage with your audience.

Aweber comes with a 30-day free trial option, after one month you will be billed $19 a month alternatively, you can opt for a quarterly or annual plan.

Note: you have to provide your credit card details while registering for a free trial

Aweber comes with plenty of features such as

  1. HTML Templates
  2. Drag and Drop editors
  3. Email automation and autoresponders
  4. Sign up forms & Email Tracking
  5. Subscriber management and segmentation

Aweber provides a mobile application to track your email campaign on the go and you can able to track it from your mobile.


  1. Monthly: $19
  2. Quarterly: $32.67
  3. Annual: $177.69

Check out Aweber pricing page for latest and updated plans


Drip is a marketing automation platform specially designed for e-commerce business, Drip calls it e-commerce customer relationship management(ECRM). Drip is a complete package for all your digital marketing which includes email, social media marketing.

Drip’s workflows are awesome. you can either build your workflow from scratch or from existing pre-defined templates.

You can build your workflow with following available option on Drip workflow manager. Feel free to give a free trial.

  1. Actions
  2. Delays – how many day delays you want to set to take an action on your workflow.
  3. Decisions – to make a decision yes/no on your workflow
  4. Fork
  5. Goal  
  6. Exit

Drip integrates with Stripe payment and other popular payment options.

Other exciting features of Drip:

  1. Tags – This option will let you segmentize your customer.
  2. Email Builder – Build your template from scratch or choose from a template.
  3. Broadcast Email – This option will let you send one time email to your subscribers.
  4. Campaign – This option will let you send an automated email to your customer and get them back to your website.

You will get a free trial plan called Starter plan which will let you manager 100 subscribers for $0 a month.

  1. Starter Plan: $0 (0-100 Subscriber)
  2. Basic Plan: $41 (100-2500 Subscriber)
  3. ProPlan: $83 (2501-5000 Subscriber)
  4. Enterprise Plan: Reach out to Sale team (5001- More Subscriber)

Check out Drip pricing page for updated plans and pricing

For the latest information, reach out to

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact has been a leading expert in email marketing for over 20 years, It just another traditional email marketing service provider who can help you define effective email marketing campaigns.
Key features of Constant Contact.

  1. Beautiful and mobile optimized template
  2. Drag and drop editor
  3. Track your campaign with reports and analytics
  4. Organize and segmentize your contacts
  5. Email automation

You will get a one-month free trial with constant contact. If you don’t like it you get all the liberty to exit constant contact.

Plans starting from $20 for a month (0-500 subscribers),

Check out Constant Contact pricing page for updated plans and pricing

Seriously, I don’t find anything extraordinary with constant contact while seeing it from outside, let me try out the product and come back to you with my review.

Convert kit:

Convert kit is yet another popular email marketing service which was introduced to me by Pat Flynn(Smart Passive Income).

Pat makes a ton of money referring great products to their audience using affiliate marketing, he constantly referring Convertkit for several years. So I strongly believe that Convert kit could be the email service provider out in the industry.

Key features:

  1. Easy to embed, customizable opt-in forms
  2. Reporting and analytics
  3. Conversion improvement with email automation
    1. Events
    2. Actions
    3. Condition
  4. Integration – Convert kit can be integrated with more than 70+ great tools such as Shopify, Woocommerce,


  1. $29 (0-1000 subscribers)
  2. $49(1001 -3000 subscribers)
  3. $79(3001-5000 subscribers)
  4. Contact sale (More than 5000 subscribers)

Check out Convert kit pricing page for updated plans and pricing

Active Campaign:

Active campaign is an excellent email automation service provider for your blog, e-commerce website or for all your digital marketing campaigns.

Active campaign provides the following services.

  1. Email marketing
  2. Marketing automation
  3. Sales & CRM
  4. Messaging
  5. Machine learning

Active Campaign provides integrated form builder and site tracking tools. These tools will help you build eye-catching email and you can track how your emails are performing.

You can try active campaign for free, no credit required.

Pricing starting from $17/month, it will vary based on your contact list. For more information check out Active Campaign pricing page.

One book a week challenge in 2018

The Year 2018, I took new year resolution to read one book per week and aim to read at least 52 books at the end of the year (A big goal).

But It didn’t turn out well due to poor planning and execution. It was frustrating to keep thinking about failure, but I don’t have any other option to think about it and find out why I am not making any progress in reading a book per every week?

I consider it as a setback and I strongly believe I can able to install the habit of reading one book a week.

After few days of personal analysis, I figured out If I concentrate on the following area, It would greatly enhance the possibility of reading one book a week habit.

  1. Work and Time – allocate time for work and reading
  2. Area of Interest – find books based on your interest
  3. Environment – Keep a place for reading
  4. Planning – SMART Goals
  5. Procrastination – Kill the habit of doing it later.

I am a programmer by profession and working for a French investment bank, It is an exciting job, I really really love it and spend most of the time in office that ended up giving very less time to read new books, It is a lame excuse.

Even though I am not overloaded with my work, I keep procrastinating a lot to read a book every day. so I couldn’t able to make any progress in my reading habits. Let me discuss the issue with one by one.

Time and Work:

I did not distinguish my work from my personal life. It was unorganized with poor or no planning between work and life, I did not allocate any time slot for reading. example 7.00 AM to 8.00 AM. It was a huge mistake.

Allocating special time for reading can highly improve the quality of you reading and it will become your habit after a certain point of time, then you can not even escape from reading at least few pages a day.

It doesn’t matter how much time you are reading, it matters how deep you are reading. So block your calendar for 30 minutes to 60 minutes based on your time availability.

Identify the time where nobody will disturb you and take you away from your reading slot. For me, it is morning time between 6.00 AM to 7.00 AM.

Area of Interest:

Identify your area of interest so that you can read a lot. Initially, you have no idea what you like to read, you should read from a wide range of books from a different category. After a certain point in time, you can able to identify the kind of books you like to read.

It will be an awesome experience when you read books you love to read and discuss with people.

I personally love to read self-help books and books related to start up a new business. In my bookshelf, I have plenty of motivational books such as

  1. Think and grow rich
  2. 7 habits of Highly successful people
  3. A monk who sold his Ferrari
  4. Side Hustle
  5. $100 Startup
  6. Most and More
  7. Several regional books in my language Tamil

You can find all these books from Amazon/ local bookstore.


Just like the area of interest and time, you must find a quiet place, a journal and a pen. Taking notes when you read will greatly enhance your quality of reading.

  1. Table & Chair – I am deadly against of reading books while lying down on my bed.  It will ruin the reading experience for me.
  2. Journal – I love to take notes when reading, it will help me extract the important phrase and quotes from the content of the book.
  3. Pen/Pencil – You should have a pen or pencil to take notes

Be interactive while reading, take notes in the book itself or use your journal. So that you can able to quickly revise the important points of the book whenever needed.


Planning plays a very important when you want to read one book per week because reading one book a week is not an easy task without a plan. you might lose the interest if you fail to create a working plan.

Identify how many pages you can read and understand per hour, then make a plan for your reading.

Initially, it would be difficult to read one book per week if you spend 1 hour or less. but when you progressing you certainly can able to read one book a week.

Idea: Most of the books exist contain 200-300 pages and each page contains between 500- 600 words.

  1. Pick a book of your interest
  2. List down the chapters
  3. Plan chapters for reading each day
  4. Track down your progress of reading.

Make sure that your plan should not exceed the allocated time if you set unrealistic goals you will certainly fail.

You can improve the reading speed and retention capability as you progress. Reading is a skill. It can be nurtured only by practice. It will not grow in one night.

Repeatedly reading books, again and again, will provide the skill like speed reading, then you will gain the confidence to read one book per week. It is my goal and ambition.


Procrastination leads to many more psychological issues particularly frustration. So it is always better to stop procrastinating by taking action.

Recently I read something interesting about procrastination from Wikipedia.

Do you believe what leads to procrastination? it is perfection. Perfection leads to Procrastination.

how my perfection leads to procrastination?

In my case, If I want to write any blog post of 1000 words, I can able to do it in two hours without any difficulties instead If I am thinking of writing a blog post that must be out of the world and people should appreciate and make it viral. I keep thinking and thinking and thinking and finally ended up doing nothing.

Too much of perfection kills your goal. Once Jack Ma founder of Alibaba said,

“Don’t be the best, Be the First”

It is absolutely fine to make mistakes and rectify it while you are progressing. A lot of  People like me more worried about making mistake and learning from it.

Being a perfectionist is excellent, but what if it didn’t let you do things what you are supposed to do?. It is ok to compromise on perfection and take action to progress.

Making mistake is acceptable in any challenge, you should learn from it and make sure you are not repeating the mistake again.


Even you read a small chunk of a book it will transform you because books are someone’s several years of experience.

Spend some time to make a plan for your reading and read as much as you can and grow in your life.

Myth: You should remember everything in a book. we will look into it in another blog post.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Do you have any suggestion for me?

8 Tips to Build Great Blog

  1. What makes a blog great?
  2. What are the qualities of a great blog?
  3. How can I monetize my blog for my living?

These are the serious question you have to ask yourself when you start a blog for a living because you can’t succeed in blogging without understanding any of the above questions.

Let me share you my story,

It all started a year ago, I was so motivated by the people who make passive income to get freedom from their 9 to 5 job and help others succeed in life.

If you are familiar with the book “The 4-hour workweek” by Tim Ferriss. You will certainly motivated to find a side hustle to make your living and escape the boring 9 to 5 job.

But for me, I am very much passionate about programming so I don’t have any plan to quit my job but on the other hand, I would like to educate myself and teach others about search engine marketing, blogging and affiliate marketing to have little more fun in my life.

So I took blogging as a platform to share my learning with people. I tried creating few blogs with and found few limitations with and finally end up with hosting my blog with HostGator.

This journey of hosting my blog with HostGator excites me since I never hosted any website earlier. So It turns me on.

I learned a lot during the course of blog hosting, Yes I did. Trust me it will be fun if you are doing it for the first time. Even If you are not a techie no problem. It won’t be difficult.  You can find a ton of resource on the internet to help you move forward.

Lesson number one: Self-host your blog

Self-host your blog is your first step while creating a successful and profitable blog.  

You will find few limitations if you manage your blog with or blogger.

You will be limited to the number of themes and plugins available for your blog with WordPress, apart from that will display an advertisement on your blog if you host your blog for free.

You can overcome all these issues by switching to self-hosting your blog with any of the top hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc.

So, I would suggest you find a reliable and economical hosting plan for your blog and install WordPress on your domain.

Lesson Number Two:  Find a Responsive theme

You have to find a theme which is responsive nature, means that your website will look good on desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobiles.

Nowadays most of the premium themes are responsive in nature, you should find one that suits your topic by paying some of your extra money.

You can try any of the following themes for your blog.

  1. Thrive Themes
  2. Genesis
  3. Divi
  4. Avada
  5. XThemes

My top suggestion is to go with Genesis or Thrive themes for your blog. These themes are more reliable, responsive and conversion oriented.

It is always better to go with premium themes if you are so serious about blogging and it will certainly help you in the long run.

Whatever you are spending is not a waste of money. You should consider it as an investment for your blog.

Even, If you are running out of money, you can still get your premium theme by purchasing a gig from Fiverr. People in Fiverr are selling few gigs to install premium WordPress themes on your blog for $5 to $10. It cheap and reliable.

The only problem I found is you don’t own the license of the theme if you want to install the same theme on another domain you have to find another gig or reach out the same person who provided you the theme.

Check out my post on “how to find a perfect theme for your blog” for more information.

Lesson Number Three:  Design your Logo

You can ask someone to design a logo for your business or you yourself can do it for free with tools like Canva.

Or you can also ask people in Fiverr to design a logo for your blog. You can get awesome logos for $5-$10.

Do not spend too much time designing your logo. It should be not more than 30 to 60 minutes.

Use the logo on your blog header and all your social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. It should be unique in all the places and people should consider you as a brand.  

Lesson Number Four: Do not install too many plugins on your blog.

The boon and curse of WordPress are themes and plugins, you have so much of option for trying too many themes or plugins.

Especially with plugins, people used to install so many plugins on their blog which result in performance impact.

Every time you install a plugin on your blog, the plugin you install either add some extra javascript or style file page which might be overhead to your page loading time.

I never say you should not use any plugins on your website but I am telling you not install 25 plus plugins on your blog. It is a complete mess.

Install only essential plugins which are essential to smoothly run your blog.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed or Pingdom to analyze your website performance for free. Try to implement the some of the suggestion from them to improve your website performance.

Website loading time is one of the key factor search engines uses to rank your website.

Lesson Number Five: Ask people to subscribe to your email list.

Your blog must have an option to capture audience email if your audience would like to receive weekly, monthly newsletter from you.

It is pretty much easy with WordPress to add a widget to collect subscriber information.

Once you capture the email, send them updates whenever required on weekly, monthly or even whenever you produce content on your blog.

Lesson Number Six: Ask People to share your content if they like it.

Enable Jetpack on your blog if you are using WordPress on your blog, it provides options to display social sharing icon at the end of your blog post.

Or you can find so many plugins to display social media icons on your blog. Make sure that your audience will share your content if they like it.

Always try to get feedback from people in the comment section of your blog post and ask your audience to share the content.

Lesson Number Seven: Find Ideas and Write pillar content for your blog.

Finding ideas for your blog and writing pillar content is very important task while building a successful and profitable blog.

Step 1: Identify your niche? – What you are really good at educating someone?

Step 2: identify people who do the same – yes it they are your competitors.

Step 3: Find popular articles of your competitors and make an excel sheet.

Step 4: Sort out 10 ideas from the list.

Step 5: Perform research and collect information.

Step 6: Write a pillar article for your blog.

Step 7: Remind yourself that using Images, Videos, infographics will enhance your user retention.

Step 8: Spell check and proofread your content 1 or 2 times yourself and make corrections. Ask your friends or your spouse to help you proofread the content. Second eye is always better. Do not spend on freelancer if you are new to blogging. You can do it when you start earning from your blog.

Step 9: Hit publish

Lesson Number Eight: Share your content on social media

Once you hit publish your content on your website, you must share your content on social media like facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

You can find your target audience on social media platforms and post your content on relevant groups which might attract like-minded people who willing to learn about your niche.

Step 1: Create a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest

Step 2: Share your post on every platform.

It is not a lot of work, you can configure JetPack on your WordPress blog to automatically share your content when you hit publish.

On the other hand, you can also automate all your social media accounts using any of the social media automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, CoSchedule which are mainly used to publish on scheduled date and time.   

Automating social media is very important if you want to build a community for your brand and drive more traffic on a consistent basis.

Till now, I do not have plenty of knowledge on it. Probably I will come up with a plan to automate all my social media account and will see how we can build community on social media.


Tell me one big problem you are facing right now with blogging in the comment section.  Please do share this article If you like it.

How to select a perfect theme for my WordPress blog?

A clean and professional website design will create a huge impact on user engagement and retention on your website.

because A well designed professional website can convert an one time visitor into a lifelong customer.

So, when you choosing themes for your blog, you have a ton of options exists in front of you to choose from.

Themes price starting from $0 (free themes) to several hundred dollars per themes (paid themes).

Choosing a theme for your blog or website is completely depends on your business need and your budget.

If you are new to blogging and you are planning to keep your budget limited. You can start with WordPress free themes. Once you get exposure to WordPress themes, you can go for paid theme options.

Quick Checklist to choose a perfect WordPress theme:

  1. Responsive Design – Can be accessible both on desktop and mobile or tablet.
  2. Speed – The theme should load as quickly as possible(less than 3 seconds). It should not contain too many images /CSS/ scripts that drag the performance of the website.
  3. Configuration – Check for the configuration options like
    1. Changing the website title,
    2. Changing the background color
    3. Add or remove the basic WordPress widgets.
    4. Adding tracking codes (if you want to analyze your website performance, you have to install Google Analytics code on your website, Paid themes to provide options to paste the tracking code in the WordPress admin panel., on the other hand, free themes may not include these special options)
  4. License – Check for license details, Is there any usage limitation like duration of the license and number of websites you can make use of the theme.
  5. Support – What kind of support you can expect from the product owner?. Do they have an online community to help you in case of an issue with the theme?
  6. Compare – Before you buy any theme, take quick note of all the available themes and analyze the pros and cons of the themes.

Let us look into the top WordPress themes which are available for free and paid.

Theme options for WordPress website/Blog:

  1. Free Themes
  2. Paid Themes
  3. Develop Themes

WordPress Free themes:

You will get ton of free WordPress themes for your blog or website from the official WordPress theme page-

Here are the top 5 Popular WordPress free themes for new bloggers:

  1. Twenty Seventeen
  2. Twenty Sixteen
  3. Twenty Fifteen
  4. Mesmerize (This one is an excellent theme, you can even buy a pro version for as low as $79)
  5. Twenty Fourteen
Top 5 WordPress free themes
Top 5 WordPress free themes

Paid themes:

  • Genesis
  • Divi
  • Avada
  • XTheme
  • Mesmerise

Genesis by StudioPress:

Genesis is always my first choice when coming to WordPress theme because this website you are currently viewing is built on top of Genesis theme.

I developed this child theme on top of Genesis in less than 60 minutes (please remember that I am developer by profession)

Genesis Theme framework
Genesis Theme framework

I love Genesis just because,

    • Responsive design
    • Customizable

Lifetime access – Buy once and use lifelong

  • Well defined documentation
  • Search engine friendly design
  • Genesis by default simple and clean, using very fewer images – so it fast.

Buy Genesis for $59.95

Divi by Elegant themes:

Divi by Elegant themes is yet another best selling WordPress themes in the market. Divi comes with a cool feature called visual page builder where you can design your website on the go.

You can literally try building a website online for free with Divi. If you are satisfied with Divi you can purchase Divi with 30 days Moneyback guarantee.


Divi Core features include:

  1. Divi Page builder – Drag and drop page builder
  2. Fully Responsive
  3. Layout option – Free Layout Templates
  4. Woo-Commerce ready
  5. Import /Export Page Templates on your website.
  6. Free access to Divi theme Gallery
  7. Bloom opt-in plugins for lead capturing
  8. Monarch plugin for social sharing

Elegant themes provides two pricing options for buyers, they are

  1. Yearly Deal ($89)
  2. Life Time Access($249)



Some useful links related to Divi resource:

  1. Elegant theme gallery
  2. Elegant theme free trail

Avada by Theme Fusion

Avada is one of the top selling WordPress theme available in the market, loved by more than 3,80,000+ people and still they are rocking.

Avada by Theme Fusion
Avada by Theme Fusion

You don’t need to have any coding skill to customize your website from scratch, Avada is a complete theme package that will help us build and manage fully functional website easily.

Avada Core Features:

  • 38 Pre-Made fully featured websites
  • 6 premium plugins for free (worth $200)
    1. ACF Pro
    2. Layer Slider
    3. Slider Revolution
    4. Convert Plus
    5. Fusion Core
    6. White Label
  • Avada comes with Fusion builder which helps build pages
  • Avada comes with 240+ Pre-Made web page designs
  • Avada has a strong vibrant community which will definitely when you need any help on Avada.
  • Avada provides six months support, and you can extend it for 12 more months with additional payment of $18
  • Avada is one-time purchase so you will get lifelong updates from Avada.
  • Well documented to help website owners.


Buy Avada now

X Theme by

X theme yet another best selling WordPress theme by It comes with free front page builder which helps you build visually appealing web design.

XTheme by
XTheme by

Core Features of XTheme:

  1. CornerStone – Front page builder
  2. 30+ unique web templates
  3. 20+ free plugins from
  4. Endless customization options with Shortcodes
  5. Layout options
    1. Content/ Sidebar
    2. Sidebar/Content
    3. Boxed Layout
    4. Fullwidth content
  6. Navigation options
    1. Fixed top navigation
    2. Fixed left navigation
    3. Fixed right navigation
    4. Static top navigation
  7. Woo Commerce ready – You can build your store as quickly as possible
  8. Lifelong automatic updates
  9. SEO friendly(Search engine friendly)

Buy XTheme Now for $45 from

Mesmerize by ExtendTheme:

I came across “Mesmerize” theme when I look for a free theme, Mesmerize is an excellent theme, they provide a basic version for free. Give a try and go for Pro version.


Features of Mesmerize theme:

  1. Live content editing.
  2. Layout customization
  3. Responsive design (Mobile friendly websites)
  4. Woo Commerce ready
  5. Supports 600+ Google fonts
  6. Pricing tables/Photo gallery
  7. Custom content blocks

Visit Mesmerize Pricing

The best place to buy Themes:

  • ThemeForest
  • My Theme shop


Envato Marketplace is a platform where you can download web themes and templates, images, videos, HTML or CSS templates.

Themeforest provides unlimited access to all its WordPress themes with “Envato marketplace” subscription just for $29/month.

You can pick your dream theme from hundreds of WordPress themes. Envato is building a community of great designers and developers, So if you need any help you can reach out for help.


My Theme shop:

Mythemeshop is shop solution for your theme and plugin requirements, it provides a wide variety of theme and plugin for all your needs.

Themes are starting from $0 (free) to $89, but if you are an agency or freelancer you can opt for Extended membership for $87.


  1. 4,00,000 plus Happy customer
  2. 120 plus premium themes & 31 premium plugins
  3. SEO friendly theme
  4. Responsive design
  5. Lifetime usage

Useful reference links:

  1. Visit My Theme Shop
  2. My Theme Shop Pricing

Do you have any better suggestions for themes and plugins?. post your thought in the comment section.

10 tips for everyday writing

You will learn the important 10 writing tips for writing a better article for your blog in less than 10 minutes.  

  1. Organize your thoughts
  2. Set a regular schedule
  3. Go distraction free
  4. Keep a journal always
  5. Learn from other good writers
  6. Know your most common mistakes and avoid them
  7. Remember why you’re writing
  8. Keep up with Good grammar
  9. Readout louder
  10. Listen to criticisms

1.Organize your thoughts before writing

You must have a brief or detailed outline of what you are going to write as part of your blog post or any piece of content.

If you stuck somewhere during the writing process, it will hurt the flow of your writing and feel of your content.

You can able to find the difference between an article written in a single sitting and written in multiple sitting. The number of breaks you took as part of your writing will reflect the quality of your content.

100 percent, this is my idea, I would suggest you finish your article in 1 or 2 sitting not more than 2.

Step 1: Organise all your ideas on which you are willing to write. Take a notepad or open a Google document simply write down all the ideas (topics) and supporting ideas (Subtopics), it need not be in order.

Step 2: Prioritize the order – come up with the best order for your article. Do not spend more time, make sure that your articles will have a flow when people read your article.

Step 3: Go to places where you can find more relevant information for the listed ideas.  

Step 4: find quotes from authentic people because people will believe “Bill gates” than you when comes to computers.

2.Set a Regular Schedule

Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you — Zadie Smith

Block your calendar for writing every single day at least for 30 mins to 1 hour. The reason behind is you are literally training your brain to write a particular time so the writing would be effortless.

It does not mean that you should not write at different times of the day, but setting up time and space will enhance the writing process much better.

3. Go distraction free

The best time to write is before no one wakes up. I would love to write in the morning time since I am fresh and nobody can distract at 6.00 clock in the morning.

  1. Find a quiet place – sit alone and write from your heart
  2. Find a quiet time where nobody can disturb you (it is 6.00 clock morning for me)
  3. Put your mobile on silent mode
  4. Don’t even open facebook, twitter or WhatsApp
  5. Open a Google document or Microsoft word and write. Even if you like to write with paper and pen, you can later convert it into digital form.

It is not necessary to find apps that will restrict you open other applications until you finish your writing goals like 500 -1000 words. I Hope you have some self-control to avoid the unnecessary things that stop you from achieving the best.

4. Keep a journal always

Always carry a notebook. I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea forever.  — Will Self

Your ideas may go in the air until you lock it with notepad or paper. So always carry a notepad and pen along with you.

  1. Write down your  ideas immediately on journal or notebook
  2. Review your journal or notebook regularly

5.Learn from other good writers

Find an author you love and start developing the reading habit, the more you read the more you will get. I used to read a lot about search engine optimization and digital marketing and writing hacks since I want to improve my knowledge in those areas.

Once you read the articles of best writers, you have to find and adopt the best practices of them.  On regular basis evaluate yourself and keep improving your writing skills.

The key step to achieving this would be list down the people who are best in your industry, then buy books or read their blogs and follow them on social media. Appreciate the work of the best writers and inspire from them, Keep writing.

6.Know your most common mistakes and avoid them

Most of the time we tend to make mistakes while writing a piece of content, it always sensible to use tools like Grammarly to check spelling and grammar issues.

Create a checklist and check whether your writing meets all the criteria. When come to posting for my blog. I used to have certain criteria.

  1. My article should be talking about only one core subject
  2. No spelling and grammar errors
  3. Add Images to support the article  
  4. Add a reference to the external site provides values to my audience.
  5. Write article search engine optimization friendly.

You can create wonderful content without any common mistakes only after several writings, so don’t worry about making mistakes initial stage.

Read your article multiple time to audit your content and its tone. you can able to find mistakes and add those common mistakes into your checklist so that you can able to use the checklist for your next content production.

7. Remember why you’re writing

Always think of your reader in mind when you write any piece of content. I do this mistake a lot of time while writing a piece of content for my blog.

Understand your audience first, if you don’t understand your audience you can’t produce valuable content.

There is always a possibility that your reader may not like your content if you give over or under information that does not make any sense to them.

  1. Focus on only once core idea.
  2. Understand what your reader will get from your writing.

8. Keep up with good grammar

Content with spelling and grammar mistakes will never create a good experience for your audience.  So use one of the following tools to avoid spelling and Grammar mistakes

  1. Google Docs
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Grammarly

9. Readout louder

Read it aloud to yourself because that’s the only way to be sure the rhythms of the sentences are OK (prose rhythms are too complex and subtle to be thought out—they can be got right only by ear). — Diana Athill

Read your article multiple times to make sure that your writing makes sense to you and your audience. You definitely make mistakes and you never knew it until you read at least 2-3 times.

Reviewing your article is a very very important task, it doesn’t matter how experienced you are you have to review your articles multiple times.

Be your own editor/critic. Sympathetic but merciless! — Joyce Carol Oates

10. Listen to criticisms

Listen to the criticisms and preferences of your trusted ‘first readers — Rose Tremain

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